Our Partners and Supporters

The following partners and supporters are part of the Save Our Seahorse campaign working together to ensure that Seahorses will continue to thrive and will last past the predicted date of extinction.


Seahorse Aquariums

Owned and operated by Marine Biologist Kealan Doyle is widely regarded as Ireland’s leading Aquatic expert. Seahorse Aquariums is the largest aquatic specialist shop in Ireland selling a range of tropical and marine aquaria species. Seahorse Aquarium's first concern is for the health of the aquatic life it sells and breeds. Seahorse Aquariums is also famed for its breeding centre which includes two species of seahorses and clown fish. Within the breeding centre, research is undertaken on the cultivation of various seahorse species aimed at the conservation of seahorse. It is through Seahorse Aquariums that Kealan Doyle has been able to fund Save Our Seahorse and his research into seahorse cultivation.

The Seahorse Trust

The Seahorse Trust was set up in 1999 as an umbrella organisation to preserve and conserve the national world, especially the marine environment using Seahorses as our flagship species. We work in partnership with many organisations and people from all over the world and it is this unique partnership that allows us to benefit from the natural world so well. The Seahorse Trust carries on the work of its founder who has worked with seahorses for over 30 years and who has closed the life cycle of 22 species of seahorses and advises on projects and to governments on seahorse conservation all around the world.


Sealife are a one of the world’s leading aquarium chains who are actively involved in conservation, research and rescue projects and consider raising awareness of the importance of safeguarding the seas and their inhabitants as one of their major priorities. Their Sanctuaries are well known for their rescue and rehabilitation programmes for abandoned, injured and sick seal pups. Sealife have more than 40 aquariums worldwide. The National Sea Life Centre has an extensive seahorse breeding programme, with many species of newly reared seahorses. They are currently undertaking a seahorse campaign to increase the knowledge and awareness of the plight of seahorses.

Marine Conservation Cambodia

Marine Conservation Cambodia is devoted to protecting and conserving Cambodia's marine environment and the livelihoods of the island communities that rely on its resources. With project bases on both Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong Islands they cover some of the most diverse and important marine environments in Cambodia.
Founded in early 2008, Marine Conservation Cambodia has committed itself to the comprehensive protection and research of Cambodia's marine environments, they assist both local communities in the sustainable use of their marine resources and work closely together with the Royal Government of Cambodia's Fisheries Administration to create local community networks that make and maintain changes protecting the marine environments around the islands thus simultaneously improving the livelihoods of the surrounding coastal communities. They are the longest running and most successful marine conservation project in Cambodia.

SOS Malaysia

Founded in 2004, it is a non-profit group committed to saving the seahorse and its associated habitats. Their mission is geared towards conserving not only the seahorse, but the ecosystem seahorses are dependent on, such as seagrass, mangrove and coral reef.
Their project is built upon research, education and outreach, active lobbying, capacity building and communication. Presently, SOS operates in two project locations (1) the Pulai River Estuary in Johor, (2) Semporna, Sabah.


WATERHORSE: Diver Conservation and Research Group (Malta) The Waterhorse conservation project was set up in 2012 by Rebecca MacDonald, Shane Benzie and Neil Garrick-Maidment based on the format of the British Seahorse Survey. It is using Responsible Tourism to learn more about the seahorses of the Maltese archipelago and to promote the preservation of the species in the Maltese Archipelago and further afield.